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Sherry Shoots Shows is a division of Sherry Boylan ~ Bandtographer, spotlights all facets of the Hampton Roads local music circle, thru photography, social media and authoring our local music yearbook, 52 Weeks with the Musicians of Hampton Roads.
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Doyle & Dunn be sure to check them out sometime.. ...

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My life is intertwined with my musicians in many ways... got married where my friend Ryan O'Donnell (from Hey Hey Hooligan) got married, and the first thing that popped up on my feed this morning was a photo I took when C MO Blu got married (I photographed his wedding to Jody). Today is the anniversary of his dads passing, but he sent his blessing along... guess that's why my wedding date got pushed twice... I share this day with some music friends celebrating birthdays including Robert Cowling, Clayton Simmons and Scott Fielder. I will be back out shooting this weekend.. it's been too long!!!!!!! ...

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Decided to edit photos from the warmer months... a little KRUNCH
Full album here:

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