Sherry Boylan, Live performance & event photographer in Hampton Roads. Author of the "52 Weeks with the Musicians of Hampton Roads" book series. Local music cheerleader.
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2 months ago

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full album: Release Party at the Norva
@[132914523977967:844:Dave Johnson & The Truth take on The Norva!]
@[1397978566:2048:Dave Johnson] @[1326477792:2048:Les Moseley]
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full album:

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Great pics!

Great shots!

great music.... fun show

Badass show! Great music! Great bunch of guys! Awesome pics, Sherry! It was great seeing you there. Les adores you! ūüíó

Thanks again, Sherry! You are an exceptional artist

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¬†Who’s in the book?¬† Click here to see the index for each book

vol 3

volume 2 volume 1adkins





 Digital Format Books (with previews)

Hampton Roads Originals ~ Vol. 1

  • The first in a series of magazines spotlighting local original artists in Hampton Roads. Volume One covers 42 local artists in a variety of genres. The print version includes QR codes to allow you to quickly discover more information on each artist with your smartphone. The digital version has live links to their websites, social media sites, galleries, as well as places to listen to & purchase their music. Anyone on a big stage was once a local, discover your locals!
  • 52 pages

Music Memories - Revery

  • Revery- A very successful local original rock band with a ten year run.¬† This book features 100 pages of memories from their live performances during the later years.¬† Although they are no longer performing there are two fantastic albums (Avarice & Absolution¬† and Adora De Phonic) that will allow you to continue enjoying their contributions to the local music scene. Available in digital and print formats.

Music Memories - White Trash Circus

  • 121 pages of full color memories of local cover band White Trash Circus. (The ones fit for publication anyway...) There is a reason they call it a circus ;) They are an 80's cover band, complete from the (good) MTV days, with great set lists, long flying hair, excellent music skills, and their forte is the always entertaining, over the top live shows.¬† Available in digital format or print version.  
  • January 1, 2015
  • 121 pages

52 Weeks ~ Volume 1 Sherry Boylan / Chesbay360

  • Hampton Roads local music yearbook! The inaugural release covers the years 2011-2012 (I wish I had started music photography sooner!).¬† Over 60 bands and hundreds of our local rock stars are documented in this 120 page hardcover 12x12 coffee table keepsake.¬† A unique archive of some of our local music. Volume 2 (covering 2013 and 400+ artists) is also available. Volume 3 covering 2014 is in the works, start your collection today. Available in print and digital formats.
  • February 26, 2013
  • 120 pages

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